The Digital Business Traveller

Today’s digital business traveller wants one thing above all: self-service. So what does this mean for individual travel managers and travel management companies?  At its face, it might be threatening – especially to a company’s travel policy. After all, self-serve technology is mainstream and it’s not only the Millennials driving change.

Sabre Corporation, in partnership with GBTA, continues to research on business travel trends and provide insights to travel management companies, travel managers and business travellers.

The Digital Business Traveller

The new 2016 study, The Digital Business Traveller, identifies the different types of apps business travellers use and why. The report demonstrates how corporate travellers look to technology to make travel a more convenient and seamless experience. It also reflects a crowded and fragmented technology landscape where travellers have to use multiple apps and services to manage their trip, and unveils an opportunity to integrate critical technologies into a single platform to help business travellers throughout their entire trip. Ultimately, the shared aim is to increase traveller satisfaction while improving program compliance and reducing costs for corporations.

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